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20 Nov '16

How to....The Metal Shop Slide Belt

Posted by Jon Fontane

So you just got your Metal Shop slide belt.  Now here is how it works.

Sizing - We oversize the belt so you can determine the amount of extra length you want. After putting the belt on and determining your size, simply take a sharp knife and cut the the leather to size.

Wear - The Slide Belt uses a friction fit.  Follow these steps to tighten it.  As the leather wears it will soften and become easier to make slight adjustments.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

29 Mar '16

Our Fountain Pen

Posted by Jon Fontane

This will be a bit of a ramble so bear with me.

We are only a couple days away from the official fountain pen attachment/option announcement for the Twist and Timber Twist.  For Kickstarter folks it will be an optional upgrade and will also be available as a reward level.  If you have a Twist already and will not be getting the Timber Twist on Kickstarter we will have the fountain pen option here as a pre-sale item.

Ok, so its going to be a bit different.  In typical Metal Shop fashion its not designed to be the most fancy pants fountain pen ever, its rugged, durable, built to be used and abused! 

It was a seat of the pants design as there is not a lot of room to fit everything and still meet my requirement that ALL Twist and Timber Twist parts are interchangeable.  So what does that mean....well, let me go over the parts:

1)  Bullet - will be available in brass or aluminum.  The bullet will be specific to the fountain pen as it will be drilled out a bit deeper and will not have interior threads.  That said, it will fit just like any other bullet into any of the Twist or Timber Twist bodies.

2)  Nib - We will use Bock triple 060.  First run for Kickstarter and pre-sale will be a fine nib.

3)  Housing - Okay, this is where things get different.  The housing will friction fit into the bullet...so, to load a cartridge, pull off the bullet, insert and replace.  The nib set up will be locked into the housing so it can not be removed.   Don't stress that...if you have a nib issue or want a different size the "nib housing" will be available and will be very reasonable compared to just purchasing a nib.  The original plan for the housing was to have a very light knurl towards the grip but again due to such tiny tolerances we are unable to do that...instead we have turned some slight cut outs to help with grip. (you can see them in black in the image below).

So that's the fountain pen.  I'm very happy with it.  It feels right for the Twist and for the Metal Shop brand.  Questions/comments...leave them here or just email me fontane.jon@gmail.com. 





18 Feb '16

Fountain Pen Time!

Ok, I'll admit, this has been LONG overdue.  From the early days of the Twist Bullet Pencil I've had the thought (and many of you have commented) that a fountain pen attachment is a must.  I knew little about them, now I actually know a little and thanks to some great customers/friends I'm finally comfortable enough to make this a reality.  

We've got a start, a very crude one, but it seems like the basics are in place.  The main requirement that the "tube" remain the same has been met so anyone with a Twist tube can now use either a pencil, ballpoint or fountain pen.  Over the next few weeks a little nip here and tuck there and we should be ready to add a third option to the Twist line up.

Check out the first prototype video pinned on our Facebook page here and give us a like while you are at it.  https://www.facebook.com/metalshopct/videos/577859732379075/

08 Oct '15

Pick up the hammer!

Posted by Jon Fontane

I'll just leave this one here for you to enjoy.

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