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19 Mar '15

What Makes a Cool Gift for Men?

Posted by Jon Fontane

With graduation and Fathers Day right around the corner….

Gift giving is NOT easy, especially trying to find that one unique, cool gift for a man. Yes, you can always buy another shirt, tie or gift card, but what fun is that? 

Gifts for men fall into 3 categories: “Thanks, but you shouldn’t have,” Practical and “Cool!”

“Thanks, but you shouldn’t have,” tends to be the shirts or outfits that his Mom buys him. She still sees her son as prepubescence in cute matching outfits. Doesn’t matter that he’s a grown rugged man that’s been living on his own. Anyway, we all know about those, “Thanks, but you shouldn’t have” gifts. We’ll move on and not offend anyone…

The Practical gifts, aka gift cards, T-shirts, ties, box of golf balls, etc. These are the gifts that men can always use but it’s not going to get a grand reaction when opening. Of course, they are appreciated, but don’t have a “Wow” factor to them.

“Cool” gifts are ones that show you spent some time looking for a gift that is unique. Cool gifts for men are ones that reflect their interests or the rugged man that they are. Of course, Metal Shop has exactly what you’re looking for.

The Bullet Pen or Bullet Pencil is cool and rugged. What can be more “manly” than writing with a pen or pencil that has a bullet design as part of the instrument? And, because the bullet pen or pencil is such a unique gift for men, it’s easily noticed when a colleague within his office “borrows” it. This updated take on a vintage product allows for a pen and pencil to be easily interchangeable.

Metal Shop’s Slide Belt is yet another cool gift for a rugged man. Every man needs a cool, casual belt. Instead of buying a boring leather one. Metal Shop’s Slide allows him to choose between different colored cotton webbing to create his new favorite belt. The Slide Belt is a great, unique gift that provides variety and “coolness” to any man’s wardrobe.

Lastly, any cool, rugged man is going to want a multi-use key ring. Metal Shop’s Bottle Opener or Key Shackle Bottle Opener make fantastic gifts. They are far from cheap flimsy bottle opener’s you find at convenience stores. These are solid, rugged and mean to last a lifetime.

When it comes to gift giving, we hope you find cool gifts that reflect the man you’re giving them to. Hopefully, that man is someone that would like Metal Shop’s vintage inspired products. Rugged Products for Rugged Souls.