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26 Mar '15

Everything Vintage is New Again (or Should Be)

Posted by Jon Fontane

We are considered to be living in the digital age. Yes, technology is amazing. Yes, technology allows us to connect to people around the world. It simplifies our every day routine and allows small brands like Metal Shop to have its vintage products seen around the globe. 

Even with all the new, bright and shiny technological advances and gadgets, there are signs of a yearning for days gone by. Simpler times like when it was common everyday occurrence when pen (or pencil) met paper, when you licked a stamp, when you actually had to read the hands of a watch. Heck, even technology powerhouse Facebook has an Analog Lab (true story, see picture below).

So then how does this relate to Metal Shop? Well simple. As the Metal Shop brand continues to evolve, the goal is to re-create vintage products with a modern touch. Or more precisely, products with a true vintage feel that get our modern touch designed into them. This is most evident in The Twist Bullet Pencil. A staple of Mid-West farm life in the mid 1900’s, bullet pencils were commonplace and sometimes even used as business cards. A quick Ebay search will turn up some very cool vintage bullet pencils, actually hundreds of really cool vintage bullet pencils. So we took what was a very cool, unique vintage product and put our modern touch on it in. From typically cheap plastic tubes and molded aluminum “bullets” to finely machined rugged aluminum tubes and detailed aluminum and brass “bullets.”

So then what’s in store next? Well there are a few things in the works all sticking to that theme of vintage (in at least feel). Picked up a watch that doesn’t tell you your Mom is calling, have something in store for that! We even have another pencil product in prototype phase.

Any down time we have is now spent on Google searching out items from those good 'ole days and saying, “Hey, what can we do with that?”

What vintage products would you like to see with our modern touch? Let us know.


A collection of analog goodies (yes it Facebook HQ!)

Just sort of sums it all up.