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15 May '15

Visual Matters

Posted by Jon Fontane

I’m no pro photographer, actually I wouldn't even say I qualify as an amateur. My big upgrade prior to launching the bullet pencil Kickstarter campaign was going from iphone photos to a decent point and shoot camera with a microscope function for close up detail shots. They were good, not great, but they did the job at the time.

So. I once posted an Instagram image of a photo shoot I was doing with the point and shoot. Well one follower, Luke from Luke Lamp Company “called me out” so to speak and offered to show me what a real camera can do to truly shape the story and show the detail of an intricate product like the bullet pencil.

This past week I headed down to Mamaroneck, NY, HQ for Luke and his lamps for a quick photo shoot. After some back and forth on business and running a Kickstarter campaign (FYI, his soon to launch product is stunning!) we got down to business. I was immediately amazed at what a difference a “real” camera can make in shaping the story of the bullet pencil and why it is such a unique product.

One of my favorites for the simplicity, focus on the Twist Bullet Pencil with a well used Field Notes and beat up old leather wallet.

Getting the concept across that yes, you write with it.

This was the picture I wanted.  A simple progression of the Twist Bullet Pencil from its fully closed storage position to fully opened writing position.

Showing off the full range of colors. Contrast here works great.

Another simple shot that shows off the new retail packaging for the Twist Bullet Pencil.