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03 Jun '15

Not Another Tie.

Not another Tie

Sub-title for this blog (related to my dad), Not another dozen golf balls.

Going to keep this blog entry short and sweet. Fathers Day is less than a month away. Pro tip. Stop with the golf balls and ties. Dad doesn’t need any more.

Be different, be unique, take a few moments to search out something creative, something that he will truly appreciate and something that no other dad will get this year.

Of course you can shop at right here on my site, we will have some unique gift packs for dads, those of like beer, cigars and cool stuff in general like the modern take on vintage bullet pencils. But don’t stop there. Search out craftsman that aren’t cranking out cookie cutter products. Search out products made in America, by hand, by people with a passion for what they produce.

That is all, and hey Dad, Thank you.

Bad Idea!