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24 Jul '15

Just the Facts - Comparing the Midori Bullet Pencil to the Twist Bullet Pencil

Posted by Jon Fontane in bulletpencil, metalshop, metalshopct, midori, notebook, traveller

I’ve recently had a couple of people ask me what makes the Twist Bullet Pencil different from the Midori Bullet Pencil and why is it almost $20 more.

So here goes, no opinion, just the facts.


Midori - .3oz

Twist - .7oz

Note the Twist used for this was our anodized red aluminum body with a brass bullet. The Midori is a brass body with aluminum bullet.

Length (closed):

Midori - 3.75”

Twist - 4.5”

Length (open):

Midori - 5.5”

Twist - 6.25”


Midori - Proprietary Midori Pencil

Twist - Blackwing 602


Midori - None

Twist - Two additional Blackwing 602 pencil nubs and one additional eraser.


Midori - Traditional friction bullet pencil fit. Pencil nub friction fits into the bullet, bullet friction fits into the body.

Twist - Threads, all insertion points on the Twist are threaded so the pencil twists into the bullet and the bullet twists into the body.

Accessories & Other:

Midori - Pocket clip standard, body made from brass, available in traditional brass color, white or brown.

Twist - Pocket clip and cap system available, multiple bullet styles and materials, pen option that is modular with existing body, body options include brass or aluminum, aluminum colors options include black, red, green, royal blue, navy blue and orange (all anodized).  Also available in raw untreated brass and aluminum.

Made in:

Midori - Japan

Twist - America


Midori & Twist Closed:

Midori & Twist Open:

A little blurry but showing difference in body wall thickness: