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18 Jul '15

Crowdfunding, the video is key....

Posted by Jon Fontane

I spend a lot of time watching videos on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  The weakest part of the Twist Bullet Pencil campaign was its video, or I should say lack of a "real" video.  Being a first campaign I was reluctant to spend a lot of money and looking back I wish I did.  To me, the video tells a tale beyond the product.  Sure its a product showcase but it also gives a glimpse into the passion of the creator.  Look at heavily funded projects, top quality engaging videos.  Look at campaigns that are struggling even with a "cool" idea and you'll see the videos don't engage.  Oh, a little humor doesn't hurt as well.  Enjoy this latest find (wait till 1:30 for the punchline) 

11 Jul '15

And the award goes to....

Posted by Jon Fontane

Metal Shop was selected as a 2015 Serendipity Magazine Locally Made Award winner.  So honored to be part of a great group of small businesses from Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.  Check out all the winners here http://bit.ly/localmade2015.


10 Jul '15

Where was this guy two years ago?

Posted by Jon Fontane in Siliconvalley, SWOT

Coming up on the second birthday for Metal Shop, thinking about how this journey started and were it is headed.  Where was Jared when I needed him. (some NSFW language)



30 Jun '15

Onto the Second Half of the Year

Hard to believe the year is half way over already.  Yes, time does fly.  Somewhat recharged after a week at the beach (having your 2 year old nephew with = less relaxation but a much higher cuteness factor.)

It's been a great half year and things are looking good for Metal Shop for the rest of 2015.  The biggest news is the addition of pencils.com as a retail partner.  In late May, pencils.com started selling the Twist Bullet Pencil and needless to say things got a little crazy.  We quickly sold out of the black and clear anodized (which I am going to start calling silver) pencil tubes.  In fact we are now down to the last 50 units in blue, red and green.  So the first run of 850 (including our Kickstarter backers) is almost gone.  A new batch of 1,500 tubes is in production as I write this.  The exciting part for me is that we will now offer new colors, orange seems to be a favorite of our customers.  Our "raw" versions were also a success.  Brass and aluminum straight off the CNC router and into packing.  The rugged look, machine markings and all were a hit.  

There are also some new products on the horizon.  Version 2 of the Metal Shop Slide Belt is nearing completion.  The new buckles will have rounder corners and will be fully machined. The "version 2" buckles will be offered in new materials like brass, anodized aluminum and maybe even cooper.  The belt itself is the work in work in progress part.  I'm testing a full leather version to see how the leather holds up to the friction fit agains the metal, so far so good, especially if you prefer a more worn in rugged look.  Working on some new cloth belt options and a possible leather/cloth hybrid.  This new buckle and belt design is truly something unique in the fashion space (well at least I tell myself that.)

In addition to the new belt buckle, a new pencil product is in the works and keeping with the vintage meets modern theme we even have a re-imagined pocket watch in the works for those of you who still prefer to tell time the analog way.

To all the Metal Shop customers and future ones, thank you for your continued support.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions, comments, concerns or even cool ideas at fontane.jon@gmail.com