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Raw Aluminum Bullet Pen•cil

Raw Aluminum Bullet Pen•cil


Not sure what a bullet pencil is? Learn more here: http://bit.ly/bulletpencilhistory

Note: We ship internationally. If a particular country is not offered at checkout, please contact us for shipping information.

We tested these raw, straight off the router pencils and they were a hit.  So we are putting them into the full time rotation.   These pieces are not treated in any way, they are truly fresh of the machine.  They will get roughed up and patina over time developing their own personality.  Choose either a pencil or pen option in the drop down menu.  Pen options will include a matching cap & pocket clip (example, aluminum bullet will include an aluminum low profile cap.)  Pencils will be shipped with the pink erasers. If you prefer the white, please note on your order.

Choose your finish, either a polished raw brass or our stone tumble finish for a more matte rugged look.

Tips, Tricks and Twist Hacks…and a few videos too!

One word of caution. The bullet design is such that at certain points in the metal it is very thin. It should not be an issue once the pencil is properly inserted but please use caution when putting the pencil into a tight pocket (like a back pocket in particular)

The bullet of the Twist was designed to hold most pencils on the market but for some thinner and round pencils the fit may be a bit loose. An easy hack is to simply wrap a piece of scotch tape around the portion of the pencil nub that will fit into the bullet. This should provide a nice stable hold.

All Twist are delivered with one nub loaded and two extra pencil nubs. You will see that the non-sharpened end has been twisted in a pencil sharpener to knock off the edges. This is done to allow the thicker pencils, like the Blackwing 602 to sit flush into the bullet. This is only needed if you have a hard time getting a nub into the bullet.

Twisting thicker pencils in can be difficult. There are a couple solutions to make sure you get the pencil in deep enough into the bullet. One is to use the rubber kitchen jar openers, this will help save your fingers! The other solution is to slightly sand or scrap off (with an X-acto knife) some of the paint at the end of the nub (about a 1/2 inch). This will allow the pencil to slide in easier and still twist deep into the threads. Pencil nubs are now shipped with the paint scarped off the edges of the pencil.

It is important to twist the pencil nub deep into the bullet. The best way to determine if it is deep enough is to lay the nub next to the bullet prior to installing. It should go to a point equal to the set of threads toward the round (or point) end of the bullet. If the pencil nub has writing on it you can use that as a guide or simply score it with a knife.