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Timber Twist Bullet Pencil

Timber Twist Bullet Pencil


Not sure what a bullet pencil is?  Learn more here http://metalshopct.com/blogs/news/19333060-what-is-it

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Our second take on the timeless bullet pencil. Our Timber Twist Bullet Pencil works just like the original Twist Bullet Pencil but adds the element of hand finished wood in Red Oak, Mahogany or Walnut.  For Walnut, you can choose sapwood (lighter in color) or heartwood (darker, richer color.)  Each Timber Twist is lathe sanded and finished with a high speed friction polish.

We've placed a Modern "Twist" on the vintage bullet pencil.  Offered with either a brass, aluminum or copper "bullet" tip, our version adds a series of threads to all the components. These threads replace the traditional friction fit of vintage bullet pencils allowing the Timber Twist to accommodate almost any pencil on the market today. The thread system also allows us to offer attachment pieces like a pen or pocket clip and cap system.

Each Timber Twist comes with three Blackwing Palomino 602 pencil nubs and 2 pink erasers (white erasers available, please comment in order notes for white erasers).

The Timber Twist is our lightest bullet pencil and is excellent for extended writing or drawing.

Wood Colors/Characteristics:

Red Oak - The lightest Timber Twist offered with a beautiful grain pattern and rich character.

Mahogany - Our medium offering with its hint of red and deep grain.

Walnut Sapwood - Our lighter Walnut with a stunning pattern and grain.

Walnut Heartwood - The darkest offering in the Timber Twist line up.  A straight grain with a medium natural luster.

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Tips, Tricks and Twist Hacks…and a few videos too!


 One word of caution. The bullet design is such that at certain points in the metal it is very thin. It should not be an issue once the pencil is properly inserted but please use caution when putting the pencil into a tight pocket (like a back pocket in particular).

All Twist are delivered with one pencil nub loaded and two extra nubs. You will see that the non-sharpened, or insertion end, has been twisted in a pencil sharpener to create a taper.   This taper allows thicker pencils, like the Blackwing 602 to insert easily into the bullet.  This is only needed if you have a hard time getting a nub into the bullet (typically with thicker pencils, you will know right away if this is needed).  In addition to creating the taper, we use an small knife to scrape the paint of the edges of the nubs.  This allows for the pencil nub to easily twist all the way into the bullet.  Your extra pencil nubs are shipped pre-scraped and ready to go.  When adding your own nubs, follow this method if twisting becomes difficult.  PLEASE make sure you twist the nubs all the way into the bullet until they cannot be twisted any further.