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Where Rugged Vintage Style Meets Modern Design. Proudly Made in America.

About Metal Shop

Growing up I would spend time at my Grandfathers machine shop, Liberty Machine Co. in Paterson, NJ.  I remember the engineers and draftsmen working upstairs in the office on large drafting tables, the shop downstairs will all the machinery and especially the 1960's era delivery truck...wish I still had that one!  

In a way, Metal Shop is a tribute to my grandfather, John Pasquale.

I founded Metal Shop in early 2013 because I believe in the American craftsman.  In today's world, products are made in every corner of the globe, stamped out and mass produced with little care for quality or tradition. Metal Shop is about a complete 180 from that.  Ideas are churned over in a machine shop in Connecticut and perfected by hand.  Each of our products is crafted and finished by skilled machinists with years of experience.  My goal is to provide metal, rugged products and gifts that are proudly Made In American and that reflect a bygone era.

If you're looking for unique gifts to give to the "rugged" people in your life, look no further.  Thanks for checking out my website.