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Where Rugged Vintage Style Meets Modern Design. Proudly Made in America.

Our Shops

At Metal Shop we strongly believe in the Made in America ethos.  We take it one step further and make all our product right in our home state of Connecticut.  We utilize a number of small family run machine shops to manufacture our main components.  All the detail work (known as "hand work") is done on site at Metal Shop HQ so no product goes out the door without our stamp of approval.  I personally consider both of these shops family.

Dickson Product Development:  www.dickson-dev.com

Dickson Product Development, Inc. Was founded in 1970 with the intent of offering prototype and production services on a sub-contracting basis. Since that time we've operated as a facility for both services, turning out numerous one-of-a-kind models and acting as a production arm with runs from a hundred to several thousand. We've also performed complete sheet metal work and become a fabricator/assembler of machine parts. Over the years we've successfully helped more than 100 different companies throughout lower New England.

Royal Screw Machine Products: www.royalscrew.com

Royal Screw Machine Products has a long History of Service to the Machining Industry. Founded in 1943 to support our War efforts, the Company has been a Major supplier to the Microwave industry specializing in New Technology. Because of our ability for fast response with Short Lead times we are popular with Engineers seeking to Prototype and initiate their Product in the Field. We are also capable of fulfilling long run Commercial work.

Royal started modestly with 3 Machines but the 60's and 70's saw a Major expansion of Capabilities with Brown & Sharpe, Davenports, and New Britain Multi Spindle Machines, boosting its resources to over 40 Machines. With the advent of New CNC Technology in the 80's Royal made Major Investments to Modernize.
In 2007 the Company was acquired by 30 Year employee Thomas Derwin enabling Royal to continue with the same focus, reliability and loyalty to our Customers. Today, Royal boasts over 50 Machines with 80% being Swiss Type CNC, serving the Microwave, Electronics, Switch and Hardware Industries.

In April 2013 Royal Screw Machine was Proud to move to a Modern Facility in Bristol after occupying the Waterbury Building for 70 Years. The Bristol location will allow us to better serve our Customers with a more stable environment for our Equipment and lead to the availablity of a better skilled Workforce.