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Where Rugged Vintage Style Meets Modern Design. Proudly Made in America.

Metal Shop Slide Belt

Metal Shop Slide Belt


Special Introductory Pricing Through October 30th

A truly unique design with a very rugged, vintage feel.  This is the perfect jeans and T-shirt belt.  This isn't your next dress belt, its rough around the edges but stylish and functional.

The Metal Shop Slide Belt is actually a two part system.  Belts or buckles are totally interchangeable.  The buckles are machined and stone tumbled and available in aluminum, brass and copper.  Our belts are hand cut and made in small batches so we will often be adding new belt options (see below for current leather descriptions).  Even the screw to change the belt is custom made for a perfect flush fit.

No holes here, the friction fit design allows for easy adjustment and over time both the leather and buckle will develop a unique patina.  

Sizing - Our current offerings run up to a size 38.  They are sold one size; you size it and cut the tail to your desired length with any standard knife.  We do have a limited number of belts that will go up to a size 40, so please contact us for availability.

Leather - We currently have two leather options, both are brown.  1) Our "Rugged" belt - A long bend buffalo leather (app, 8 oz).  This belt looks well-worn and has a great pull to it.  2) Our "Refined" belt - Brown West Tan water buffalo (app. 8oz).  A cleaner more dressy belt yet it retains the rugged aesthetic being hand finished.  

Instructions can be found here